Issaak Parcharidis

Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing
Office 4.3α New Bld
Department of Geography
Harokopio University
70 El. Venizelou Str., Kallithea- Athens
Post Box: 17671

Ph.: +30-2109549345
Fax: +30-2109514759

Curriculum Vitae
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BSc in Geogical Sciences, University of Parma (Italy), 1984

PhD Agricultural University of Athens, lab. of Geology, “Tectonic analysis of central and northern Greece using Remote Sensing”, 1994

Research Interests

-Main objective of research interest constitutes the use of Space Earth Observation Systems.Specifically, synthetic aperture radar interferometry and very high spatial resolution remotely sensing data for natural disaster assessment, mitigation and monitoring.
-Use of very high resolution optical and radar data in geoarchaeology.

Books and edited books (selection)

Papanikolaou, I.D., Lekkas, E.L., Roberts, G.P., McGuire, B., Fountoulis, I.G., Parcharidis, I. & Foumelis, M., 2010. The 2009 L’ Aquila earthquake: Findings and implications. AON BENFIELD UCL Hazard Research Centre, Department of Earth Sciences, Event Science report 02, University College London, 31p

Poscolieri M. & Parcharidis I., 2007. Αpplication of new image analysis methods to VHR satellite imagery for archaeological features detection. In Geoinformation in Europe, Gomarasca M.A. ed., Millpress (Netherlands), pp. 649-656.

Parcharidis I., Vassilakis E., Cooksley G. & Metaxas C., 2003. Sesmically-triggered landslide risk, assessment. In EarthquakeGeodynamics: seismic case studies, edited by E. Lekkas, WIT Press. p. 119-127

Recent publications in refereed journals (selection)

Papanikolaou, I.D., Foumelis, M., Parcharidis, I., Lekkas, E.L. & Fountoulis, I.G., 2010. Deformation pattern of the 6 and 7 of April 2009, Mw=6.3 and Mw=5.6 earthquakes in L’ Aquila (Central Italy) revealed by ground and space based observations. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 10, 73-87.

Parcharidis I., Pavlopoulos K., Poscolieri M., Kourkouli P., 2009. Using time series of satellite earth’s observation data to determine geomorphological and paleogeographical changes at the southeastern coastal areas of Gokceada (Imvros) island (Turkey). Z. Geomorph. N.F. journal, 53 (1), 139-149

Parcharidis I., Kokkalas, S., Fountoulis, I. & Foumelis, M., 2009. Detection and monitoring of active faults in urban environments: Time series interferometry on the cities of Patras and Pyrgos (Peloponnese, Greece). Remote Sensing Journal 1, 676-696.

Foumelis M., Parcharidis I., Lagios E. & Voulgaris N., 2009. Evolution of post-seismic ground deformation of the Athens 1999 earthquake observed by SAR interferometry Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 69, Issue 1, 16-23.

Parcharidis I., Foumelis, M., Kourkouli, P. & Wegmüller, U., 2009. Persistent scatterers InSAR to detect ground deformation over Rio-Antirio area (Western Greece) for the period 1992-2000. Journal of Applied Geophysics 68, 348-355.

Raucoules D., Parcharidis I., Feurer D., Novalli F., Ferretti A., Carnec C., Lagios E., Sakkas V., Le Mouelic S., Cooksley G., and Hosford S., 2008. Ground deformation detection of the greater area of Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) using radar interferometry techniques. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Journal, vol. 8, issue 4, 779-788


Undergraduate Courses

Remote Sensing- Interpretation

Synthetic Geographic Lesson

Remote Sensing Applications

Postgraduate Courses

Regulations, Codes and Engineering Works in Risk

Geoinformatics for Disaster Management

Advanced topics of Remote Sensing