Christos Chalkias

Associate Professor in Geographic Information Systems and Applied Geography
Office No 4.5
Department of Geography
Harokopio University
70 El. Venizelou Str., Kallithea- Athens
Post Box: 17671

Ph.: +30-2109549347
Fax: +30-2109514759

Curriculum Vitae


Diploma in Geology. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1991)

PhD in Physical Geography - Geoinformatics. Department of Geology. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1996)

Research Interests

-Geographic Information Systems % Science
- Applied Geography
-Spatial analysis-Intification of spatial patterns
-Health GIS
-Modeling of Natural Disasters

Books and edited books (selection)

Chalkias C., 2006: Terms and Meanings of Geographical Information Science. Ion Publications, 157 pages, Athens

Recent publications in refereed journals (selection)

Chalkias, C., Petrakis, M. Psiloglou B., Lianou M., 2005: Modelling of light pollution in suburban areas using remotely sensed imagery and GIS. Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 79. pp. 57-63.

Gournellos T., Chalkias C., Tsagas D.,2006: «Landslide susceptibility Zonation of Greece using Fuzzy Logic and GIS, Geographies, vol. 12, p. 114-126, in Greek.

C. Chalkias, K. Tambalis, G. Psarra, D.Panagiotakos, A.Faka, L. Sidossis, 2009: Mapping Childhood Obesity In Greece with the use of GIS technology, In: Kumar Tripathi N, Murali Krishna IV (eds.): HealthGIS. Enabling Health Geospatially, Geoinformatics International. ISBN 978-974-300-596-1.

Chalkias, K. Lasaridi, 2009: A GIS based model for the optimisation of municipal solid waste collection: the case study of Nikea, Athens, Greece, WSEAS Transactions on Environment and development, Issue 10, Volume 5, pp. 640 – 650.

Detsis V., Chalkias C., Ntassiopoulou G., Efthimioy G., 2010: Recent insular Mediterranean landscape evolution: A case study on Syros, Greece, Landscape Research, Volume 35, Issue 3, June 2010, Pages 361-381.

Chalkias C., Lasaridi K., (2011): Benefits from GIS Based Modelling for Municipal Solid Waste Management, στο Integrated Waste Management ‐ Volume I, Sunil Kumar (Ed.), InTech, pages 417– 436, ελεύθερα διαθέσιμο στο:

Chalkias C., 2011, Mapping Childhood Obesity a Overweight Patterns in Attica, Greece, A GIS based approach, International Journal of Geoinformatics, Volume 7(1), pp. 29-36.

Karymbalis E., Chalkias C., Ferentinou M., Maistrali A., (2011): Flood Hazard evaluation in small catchments based on quantitative geomorphology and GIS modeling: The case of Diakoniaris torrent (W. Peloponnese, Greece), in Lambrakis et al. (eds) Advances in the research of Aquatic Environment, Springer –Verlag, , Environmental Earth Sciences Series, Vol. I, pp. 137-146.

Kalogeropoulos K., Chalkias C., Pissias E., Karalis S., (2011): Application of the SWAT model for the investigation of reservoirs creation, in Lambrakis et al. (eds) Advances in the research of Aquatic Environment, Springer – Verlag, Environmental Earth Sciences Series, Vol. II, pp. 71-79.

Karymbalis, E., Katsafados, P., Chalkias, C., Gaki‐Papanastassiou, K. (2012) “An integrated study for the evaluation of natural and anthropogenic causes of flooding in small catchments based on geomorphological and meteorological data and modeling techniques: The case of the Xerias torrent (Corinth, Greece)”, Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Vol. 56, Suppl. 1, pp. 45–67.

E. Karymbalis, C. Chalkias, G. Chalkias, E. Grigoropoulou, G. Manthos M. Ferentinou (2012), Assessment of the Sensitivity of the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Corinth (Peloponnese, Greece) to Sea-level Rise, Central European Journal of Geosciences, 4(4), pp.561-577.

Kalogeropoulos, K., Chalkias, C. (2012): Modelling the impacts of climate change on surface runoff in small Mediterranean catchments: Empirical evidence from Greece, Water and Environment Journal, Article in Press.

Chalkias C., Faka A., Kalogeropoulos K. (2013): Assessment of the Direct Sun-Light on Rural Road Network through Solar Radiation Analysis Using GIS, Open Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol.3 No.2, pp.224-231.

Chalkias, C., Papadopoulos, A.G., (2013): Kalogeropoulos, K., Tambalis, K., Psarra, G., Sidossis, L. Geographical heterogeneity of the relationship between childhood obesity and socio-environmental status: Empirical evidence from Athens, Greece, Applied Geography, 37 (1), pp. 34-43.


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Introduction to Cartography


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Synthetic Geographic Lesson

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Postgraduate Courses

Geoinformatics for Disaster Management

Applied GIS Based Geographical Analysis

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