Research Seminars

The Geography Department organizes two types of research seminars addressed to its doctoral students. The main objectives of those seminars are:

    • ·                     to motivate doctoral students to advance their research;
    • ·                     to supply doctoral students with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement their dissertation;
    • ·                     to strengthen the links between doctoral students and faculty members and facilitate the flow of information and support among them;
    • ·                     to publicize department’s activities in the field of PhD studies;
    • ·                     to familiarise postgraduate students with the procedures of doctoral students’ work.


Research Seminars are addressed at research students and faculty members of Geography department, research students of related University departments, invited researchers, as well as, to departmental post graduate students.

Research Seminars are of two types:


Doctoral Dissertation Progress Seminar

Doctoral students are obliged to make at least two presentations of their work:

First, at the initial stage of preparation they present the broad research outline, the provisional title, the main hypotheses and research questions, issues of methodology and main sources of bibliography.

Second, in a more advanced stage (e.g. after the completion of field work) they present the draft conclusions and discuss the main difficulties found and research blockages.

Each seminar session may contain a small number of presentations of interrelated topics. Presenters are either Geography department doctoral students or doctoral students from other institutions (domestic or abroad) as long as they have been invited by faculty members.


Invited Speakers Seminar

In the framework of this type of seminar, faculty members and invited researchers present their recent research activity with emphasis on research methods (e.g. comparative research, methods of quantitative and qualitative data processing, etc.). Each year, the exact context of this seminar is designed in order to meet the specific needs of the active doctoral students.